Hyundai water heater from Aliexpress

Electric water heater HYUNDAI: Your comfort zone in the bathroom

Are you looking for the perfect solution for fast and efficient water heating in the bathroom or kitchen? Meet the HYUNDAI electric water heater – a device that will provide you with instant comfort and safety of use.

Technical characteristics of the Hyundai electric water heater from Aliexpress:

  • Product type: Intelligent instant electric water heater;
  • Material: Tempered glass panel;
  • Operating voltage: 220V/50Hz ~ 60Hz;
  • Heating power: 8000W;
  • Maximum temperature: 55°C;
  • Power adjustment: 6000W ~ 7000W ~ 8000W;
  • Control type: Touch buttons;
  • Degree of protection against water: IPX4;
  • Weight: 3 kg;
  • Product size: 395x225x65 mm;
  • Color: Black, white, light yellow.

Intellectual comfort:

The Hyundai electric water heater from AliExpress is equipped with a smart chip that automatically adjusts the power according to the water temperature. This means that you always get a comfortable temperature without unnecessary waiting.

Power and efficiency:

With adjustable power from 6000W to 8000W, you can choose the optimal level of water heating depending on the season and your needs. And intelligent frequency conversion technology ensures efficient use of energy, which helps save your resources.

Safety of use:

With eight built-in protections such as leak protection, temperature control and fault check, you can use the water heater with confidence without any safety concerns.

Simple installation:

The HYUNDAI electric water heater has a compact design that easily fits into any room. It can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen or even in the beauty salon. The installation process is simple, and thanks to its small size, it will take up a minimum of space.

Saving resources:

Thanks to its high energy efficiency and efficient use of energy, the HYUNDAI electric water heater helps to save electricity and water, which will make your daily life even more convenient and economical.

Thanks to its advanced technologies, high efficiency and impeccable safety of use, the HYUNDAI electric water heater will become an indispensable assistant in your everyday household.

A short video review of the HYUNDAI electric water heater from AliExpress

On the AliExpress portal, such a HYUNDAI flow-through electric water heater can be purchased at a good price and in the following configuration:

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